Engaged communities for healthcare missions

What We Do

We believe that an engaged community is a pivotal resource for breakthrough achievements in the mission of healthcare.
Local leaders who know more, care more. Those who care more, give more.

Non-Profit Healthcare Focus

Your mission has been at the center of ours for more than 50 years, exclusively devoted to community hospitals, large and small, to support the care their hearts dream of doing despite operating budgets that are stretched to afford it.

Comprehensive Philanthropy Strategy

Programs will be diversified to attract new and renewing annual donors, business and foundation donors, major donors, and the special support of lifetime and planned gift donors.

Exceptional Volunteer Training

Most of our clients have small staff teams. Our programs expand your active operating strength with trained volunteers who add valuable credibility, ambassador leverage, and can open doors to prospective donors as well as personalize donor relations efforts. Four annual conferences are integrated into your services to grow their skills and inspire their advocacy.

Playbook for Action

Step by step, we’ll help you organize your program, both internally, among your hospital family, and externally to grow your base of support across your community. Together, we’ll establish your goals, plans, timetables, funding strategies, and monthly actions to secure your success.

Peer Network & Support

Many of our clients are seasoned pros who’ve been through some of the same stages of development, tooling, and troubleshooting as you. They are also generous advocates ready to share their wisdom and samples to support your team’s effectiveness. Their active peer network is a powerful part of our clients’ strength.

Expert Professional Assistance

You’ll be matched with a dedicated consultant successfully practiced in hospital philanthropy and community engagement. On-site and virtual professional support every month to guide your aims, strategies, and collaboration among various leadership roles in the effort. A true partner in your effort.
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