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Client Profiles

Kristyn Wicht, Executive Director

Johnson Memorial Hospital, Dawson, MN

Little Giants

Kristyn shares: ”Without Hillary Lyons guidance and expertise, we would not have reached our lofty fundraising goal. Raising $1.4 million in a rural community of 1,500 people seemed like an impossible task. Especially since our last two fundraisers fell short of their goals. Not only did we meet our goal, but we exceeded it! We raised $1.6 million in 15 months! Our Foundation now follows their development model using their proven tools and strategies to fundraise even when we don’t have ‘a big, sexy project.’

Claudine Weber, Vice President Office of Philanthropy

Mercy Health Muskegon, Muskegon, MI

Imagine. Build. Transform.

Mercy has a long track record of successful campaigns and highly respected volunteer leadership support. To their credit, strong performance has helped build a birth center, heart and vascular institute, diagnostic imaging, comprehensive cancer care and most recently, a new state of the art medical center.

Rising into the challenge of the biggest project ever, the program more than tripled its annual philanthropy revenue, raising nearly $12 million and earning a place in the 90th percentile of hospital philanthropy programs for ROI and effectiveness measures.

As Gary Allore, President Mercy Health Muskegon shares: “The Hillary Lyons model has, over the years, given our teams of volunteers, hospital leaders, and philanthropy staff the tools and training needed to actively build lasting relationships with our donors. But in the building of our new medical center, they really helped us elevate our performance in a substantial way that brought us more support than ever.

I like that our community feels that this is a distinctive and meaningful volunteer experience, and even more, I like that they know the importance of their involvement in creating some of the nation’s best care, right here in Muskegon.”

Nancy Davis, Executive Director

Hancock Health Foundation, Greenfield, IN

More than a fundraising machine… a care culture.

The foundation began in 1982, organized to assist with healthcare scholarships and assorted capital needs.

Over the last decade it has helped fund a long list of major facility improvements, a new cancer center, annual operations for hospice care, and, bolder yet, it aims to bridge the community’s gaps in mental health care.

All this would be accolades enough to define star performance. But because of its nearly 90 people strong foundation volunteer teams, and their strategic alignment with hospital leadership, it is also a critical player in reshaping the health of its community and its potential to affect population health.

Value By Role

Value for CEOs

  • Local leadership strength
  • Social capital and community perception strength
  • Sustained resource support for capital and innovation needs
  • Increased marketing value and competitive advantage

Value for Foundation Staff

  • Critical local endorsement for your foundation
  • Assistance in comprehensive planning and implementation
  • Expanded base of new and renewing donors
  • Increased effectiveness in major gift efforts and planned gift potential
  • Annual education for staff and peer group support

Value for Foundation Volunteers

  • Well-defined limited roles for busy leaders
  • Builds unique understanding of healthcare issues and impact
  • Training program to ensure personal effectiveness in role and transferable skills for other civic interests
  • Makes volunteer time more meaningful and productive

Value for Hospital Board of Trustees

  • Method to align Foundation operations with the hospital’s strategic plan
  • Increased resources for long-range vision
  • Volunteer leadership structure lessens staff turnover and strengthens sustainability
  • Source of future board members
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