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For many nonprofits, capital campaigns have been the traditional answer to funding their capital needs, but capital campaigns are a short-term episodic form of fundraising. They are beneficial if capital resource needs are also short-term and episodic. Over the course of 50+ years of work in healthcare exclusively, we’ve found that there are rarely any shortages of capital needs in community hospitals.

Our focus, by contrast, is backed by a proven approach to increase charitable support, social capital, and marketing strength every year, every day.

What We Offer

Full On-Site Service

Hillary Lyons Associates provides a comprehensive approach to implementing and sustaining a fund development program at healthcare organizations. On-site service at our client institutions provides an opportunity to work specifically on program and institutional priorities. Seminar programs enable our clients – staff and volunteers – to interact with each other and the Hillary Lyons Associates staff in various locations.

Virtual/Online Support

To provide maximum flexibility and personalized connection time, our clients can enjoy support remotely as needed.  Quick huddles, strategic meetings, and educational opportunities are a part of the line-up of services options for easy access and utility.

Campaign Planning and Assistance

Hillary Lyons Associates executives are available to facilitate on-site planning workshops. Whether it pertains to charting a course of strategic objectives, determining philanthropy goals and capital project priorities, assessing a current program’s effectiveness and/or alignment with the organization’s direction, or general troubleshooting sessions, our consultants can discuss a program suited to your needs.

Comprehensive Training

Hillary Lyons Associates offers seminars and training programs designed to engage and inspire stakeholders in their roles as ambassadors and advocates for the hospitals mission.

Board Retreats and Strategic Planning

A Hillary Lyons Associates executive can visit your organization to conduct a one or two-day retreat to explore the process of implementing the Development Council Plan. Every retreat is customized to address the strengths and weaknesses of your current development program, and will offer specific programs and suggestions to improve your long-term results. The retreat includes an analysis of program status and projected financial objectives.

Community Relations Programming

In the highly competitive market for philanthropy, those most thoughtfully organized to communicate, engage, and build support, stand apart.  The community relations initiative helps our clients understand their own motivations for connecting with the community, establish clear objectives, prioritize target audiences, and develop a clear set of messages, stories, and tactics for ongoing success.

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